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Over the past few years the Internet has had a significant impact on the way we do business and conveyancing is one of the latest industries to become a part of the revolution with the advent of e-conveyancing.

The conveyancing part of buying a house begins once you have appointed a property solicitor and given them details of the house you have just put an offer in for. The property solicitor will then go about checking titles, doing searches and drawing up or checking the contract of sale. The conveyancing is the part that usually takes the time and causes the most stress as papers get passed around from party to party and problems arise.

The government backed e-conveyancing scheme aims to ease the stress and increase the speed with which the legal aspects of buying/selling a house take place. E-conveyancing aims to make the whole conveyancing process, from initial instruction to the final transfer of titles, run electronically and therefore much more efficiently.

To do this the government had to put legislation in place that allowed for e-conveyancing and this was done in the Land Registration Act 2002. Since then the Land Registry has been working hard to make titles available online and has more than 97% of titles computerised.

The next stage in the development of e-conveyancing is to get all the parties involved electronically, including local authorities, mortgage lenders, property solicitors, estate agents, surveyors, buyers and sellers. Already online conveyancing services are being offered, with plenty of online conveyancing solicitors now operating on the web. You can get a conveyancing solicitor quote online so you can find out what the conveyancing fee will be and compare conveyancing quotes to find one that you are happy with, without having to pick up the phone.

Although the full vision of e-conveyancing has not been realised just yet, it is certainly on its way and should mean a lot less stress for house buyers and house sellers in the future.

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